DocuWrx Welcomes Release of FileMaker 16 Platform

Today FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary, announced the release of the new FileMaker 16 Platform, the latest version of their custom application development platform. DocuWrx Corporation is beyond thrilled about the release of the FileMaker 16 Platform because the new features and functions will allow DocuWrx developers to take our clients’ custom software solutions and our business management solution, Kosmas, to a whole new level. Some of the new features and functionality that we are most eager about include:

Even Better Mobility

Mobility is key for all businesses operating today and FileMaker clearly spent the last year focused on how to improve the experience for mobile FileMaker users. With FileMaker 16, DocuWrx developers can now use script steps to provide animations and transitions to help guide users as they navigate through their custom FileMaker Go applications.  Even better, automatically perform actions when your iOS device detects iBeacons and crosses a predefined geofence.

New Development Features in FileMaker 16

The DocuWrx team is especially excited about the new Layout Objects window, which will provide a full list of the objects in a layout. This makes it far easier to make changes to an object without having to disrupt the set. Another exciting update within the FileMaker 16 platform is the new “cards” function which grants developers the ability to easily create properly sized windows automatically. Cards also allow developers to better control the user experience by alerting the user of any actions that must be taken before leaving a window.

New Integrations with FileMaker 16

The new platform will allow for solutions to easily exchange data with other web services and applications using enhanced options and functions in FileMaker Pro. The new cURL options and JSON parsing functions also make for easier to setup and provide native functionality to communicate to RESTful API services without having to use 3rd party plugins.  FileMaker 16 Server now even includes it’s own native API which will make communicating with it easier than ever with other solutions and mobile apps.

Increased Security

FileMaker 16 provides new tools that allow developers to better secure custom applications. A key addition is the adoption of OAuth 2.0, which will provide native authentication allowing for DocuWrx to build integrations that are faster, better, and even more secure.  This was previously handled using 3rd party plugins and other services.

New Interface for Windows Users

FileMaker 16 is even making it easier for DocuWrx developers to build custom solutions for Windows users. The new Single Document Interface (SDI) allows for sleek design and more functionality to Windows users than ever before.  Every FileMaker window is in it’s own window without that pesky content area Windows users used to be confined to.

The new features and functions available in the FileMaker 16 platform have given DocuWrx developers the tools to build better, more powerful custom solutions for our clients more efficiently than ever before. DocuWrx congratulates FileMaker on the release of this exciting new platform and cannot wait to see what the FileMaker Community will do with these new development options. For more information about the new FileMaker 16 Platform release, check out the FileMaker 16 website here.

About DocuWrx

DocuWrx is a software development firm, based in Clearwater, Florida, that builds enterprise level business solutions on the reliable and innovative database platform, FileMaker. By leveraging a strong relationship with FileMaker, DocuWrx is able to offer the highest level of security, innovative user interface design, and cross-platform features at an affordable price. DocuWrx flagship solution, Kosmas, is an end-to-end vertical market solution for the construction industry. DocuWrx also creates first class custom business solutions for many different industries including hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. Our team of skilled, reliable Orlando FileMaker developers are here to help build the best solution possible for your business. For more information about DocuWrx, please visit