DocuWrx Research Solution Featured by FileMaker

DocuWrx Corporation has spent years dedicated to improving the lives of our clients by leveraging FileMaker to create the perfect custom solution for their unique business workflows. Recently, our team was able to successfully build a research solution for a marine laboratory to help them improve their data collection and storage.

In an effort to exemplify what is possible by developing on the FileMaker platform, FileMaker launched a new website, FileMaker for Research Teams. This new website was created to specifically highlight the most robust research solutions on the market. One of the solutions that was chosen to be highlighted was the research solution that DocuWrx built for Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Our LabWrx research solution accurately depicts how research teams around the world are using custom applications to centralize scattered information, automate processes, and unlock efficiency gains.

Founded in 1955, Mote Marine Laboratory is an independent research institution based in Sarasota, FL. The organization has grown from a single room laboratory to six campuses with over 200 staff members conducting research in six continents. After such exponential growth, using a sea of spreadsheets to calculate and organize their complex data was not going to suffice. In an effort to adopt a more efficient way to run their research operations, Mote met with local software development firm, DocuWrx.

DocuWrx quickly identified that Mote required a research solution that would calculate, store and display research results, as well as manage its inventory of thousands of physical samples, batches, analytes, standards, and solvents. Because of the extensive samples inventory, an additional element was added so scientists could generate, print, and scan barcodes for each item, to quickly view key information.

By leveraging FileMaker, DocuWrx was able to successfully build Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium a research solution that would allow them to run their operations more efficiently and more accurately track their samples and research methods. For the full story, please click here.

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